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DR.Mohamed Mahmoud



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Serving Per Container | 33
Serving Size | 8 grams

Net weight | 250 g

Flavor  |  fruit punch 

Amount Per Serving | 8 g

L-Leucine 8000 mg (8 g), Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, , Stevia, Silicon Dioxide.

L-Leucine is an Essential Amino Acid meaning it cannot be synthesized by the human body and therefore, must be consumed through our dietary food intake or in supplement form. L-Leucine is the primary and most abundant out of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). This is commonly found in high amounts in many animal-based foods such as lean meats, poultry, and fish. L-Leucine are ideal for anyone taking part in intense physical activity. These can be taken either before or after a workout.

الليوسين هو حمض امينيه اساسي لا يستطيع الجسم تصنيعه و يجب الحصول عليه من مصدر خارجي؛ سواء من خلال النظام الغذائي اوالمكمل. الليوسين هو الحمض الاميني الرئيسي في سلسله الاحماض الامينيه ال٣ او ما تسمي بالبي سي اي اي. الليوسين مناسب لجميعالأشخاص الرياضيين و ممكن استخدامه قبل، خلال، او بعد التمرين.

 Directions for use:
Consume one serving daily preferably with food. For optimal results on training days consume one serving 45 minutes prior to exercise and one serving post exercise.

طريقه الاستخدام :
يضاف سكوب من الليوسين علي ٢٥٠ مل مياه يفضل استخدامه مع الاكل او قبل التمرين ب٤٥ دقيقه او بعد التمرين مباشره

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